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DIY Graphic Design?

Have you ever wondered whether you can and should take on a design project for yourself? Is it possible for an entrepreneur or small business owner to create effective and beautiful design for a logo or social media graphic using an online resource or platform?

The answer is yes...and no. DIY graphic design is easier and more convenient than ever these days because of online design services as such as Canva, DesignBold and PicMonkey.

If you’re looking to create a simple basic design for a logo, social media graphic or flyer, a DIY resource could be helpful. There’s always a wealth of templates, fonts and stock imagery to choose from. If you’re feeling super-creative and confident, then go for it!

These resources are convenient and definitely more affordable if you are on a limited budget. There is a learning curve however, and you might find yourself spending more time learning to use an online platform. Browsing for fonts or assets, and choosing colors may also take more time than you had planned for.

If you think you’re in over your head or just don’t have the time, then a custom design service is the way for you to go. If you’re looking to produce a more complex project such as a report, infographic, brochure or direct mail piece you may want to consider hiring a freelancer or design service.

Whatever you find your design needs to be, don't dismay! We at BrainChilds Design are here to help. We are available for a free consultation to help you decide whether you can create your own dream design or if you might require a custom design that we would be happy to create for you. We can work within your budget and timeline.

Keep in mind that it’s important to tell the story of your visual brand with a dynamic, consistent and seamless look to all your designed pieces. Check out these projects for inspiration. Keep your eye on the big picture! We have many years of experience and a passion towards helping our clients develop a unique visual brand for their company or organization.

Please feel free to visit our website at Contact us today and let’s discuss your design and creative destiny.

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